CRE XV 2014 Conference at King's College London and University College London

09-04-2014 00:00

Welcome to CRE XV!

The 15th installment of the Current Research in Egyptology Conference (CRE) will be held at King's College London and the University College London from April 9-12, 2014. CRE XV Organisational Committee wishes to thank the our advisory staff (Richard Bussmann, Lucia Gahlin, Christopher Naunton, Jan Picton and Dominic Rathbone), the CRE Standing Committee, University College London, King's College London and our sponsors (Egypt Exploration Society, Friends of Petrie Museum, London Centre for study of Ancient Near East and Institute of Classical Studies) for their continued support. We wish to warmly thank the organisational committee of CRE XIV at Cambridge 2013--without whose help and guidance--CRE XV would not have been possible.


Call for Papers for CRE XV at King's College London and University College London!!

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    We welcome you to submit an abstract for a 20 minute presentation or an A0 poster. All postgraduate, independent, and early career researchers studying ancient Egypt and Sudan, including the Prehistoric/Predynastic, Pharaonic, Late, Graeco- Roman and Islamic periods. Themes may include, but are not limited to: architecture, art history, ceramics, cultural and foreign interaction, current fieldwork, geoarchaeology, material culture, osteoarchaeology, philology, religion, and economy. Abstracts should consist of no more than 200 words and should be submitted by 15 November 2013 to For more information, click on CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS.