Colaboração na Revista do Museu Egípcio de Turim

22-12-2017 17:40

The Museo Egizio in Turin is pleased to announce the launch of its new open access journal, Rivista del Museo Egizio. The first volume is now online at .


The Rivista del Museo Egizio promotes, gathers and disseminates research on the collection of the Turin museum from the standpoint of a variety of disciplines, ranging from archaeology to philology, and from archive studies to restoration.

It also welcomes articles  on archaeological sites investigated by the Museo Egizio in Turin today or in the past, as well as contributions on topics of indirect relevance to the museum’s collection (for example, because they also deal with artifacts in the Museo Egizio, or with a class of artifacts also represented in its collection, with history of Egyptology topics intersecting the history of the Turin collection, with the museology of Egyptian collections, etc.).


The journal takes full advantage of its online format, offering advanced article navigation functions, high-resolution color images, the possibility to add comments to published articles, and additional content such as RTI images, 3D models, and direct links to other online resources. The published images of objects in the Museo Egizio are made available to readers free of charge under a Creative Commons license. Traditionally formatted PDFs of the articles are also available for download  and printing.


The Rivista del Museo Egizio is a peer-reviewed academic journal targeting a readership mainly composed of Egyptologists. It publishes articles in four languages: Italian, English, French, and German. Its large multinational advisory board is representative of the research community the journal aims to serve.


We are now calling for papers for the second volume (2018). For further information, see our submission page: .


Christian Greco

Director, Museo Egizio


Federico Poole

Rivista del Museo Egizio, editor-in-chief