5th International Congress for Young Egyptologists (ICYE).

16-09-2015 17:42

The University of Vienna together with the Austrian Academy of Sciences host the 5th International Congress for Young Egyptologists (ICYE). ICYE will take place in Vienna from 16 – 20 September 2015 and is a conference for postgraduate students and early post-DOC researchers. Although ICYE is intended to be a postgraduate conference, anyone with an interest in Egyptology is welcome to attend. The topic of the conference is Tradition and Transformation in Ancient Egypt. The main aim is to discuss (dis)continuity of traditions and consequent cultural transformations. All contributions related to the conference topic are welcome. ICYE addresses researcher working on Egypt and its neighbors (Sudan, Levant etc) from the Prehistory to the Islamic Period. This open topic allows presentations from many different research fields, such as: art history, archaeology, philology, philosophy, religion, economy, current fieldwork, architecture, zooarchaeology etc.
Researchers have the possibility to present their research in two ways: a 20-minute talk or a A0 / A1 poster. The call for paper with further information will be released in fall/winter 2014. A selection of submitted and peer reviewed papers will be published after the conference. Any University wishing to host the next conference can submit a proposal and a presentation during the final discussion at the end of the conference. At the end of the presentations the vote of the assembly decides the winner.

For more information: icye2015@gmail.com


Organising Committee:
Andrea Kahlbacher (University of Vienna)

Elisa Priglinger (Austrian Academy of Sciences)